Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A New Administration

As of January we will have a new President and new Administration. I cannot say I am sad to see the old Administration leave. They have been difficult, to say it kindly.

I would think we should have a more amenable group at USDA at the top and I pretty much believe the career folks will take direction from the top.

I know many folks are concerned about the election but let me assure you having dealt with politics for three decades in an up close and personal way; America is still the greatest country on earth and it will still be great the next Presidential election, too.

Politics is like a pendulum, it doesn't swing too far one direction before forces greater than the pendulum itself bring it back in another direction. Though we have a two party system that covers the fringes well, the electorate is still largely based in the middle. God Bless America.

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