Monday, September 27, 2010

What Can We Do About the Weather

Well we needed a bit of a shower in places to make the dry land peanuts where we could dig them. At the same time cotton farmers certainly didn't want rain and those who had peanuts on the top of the ground didn't need it either. A small shower would have been tolerable but not a couple inches and then the weather cooling off after the front goes through.

This is kind of an insult to injury situation. Too hot and no rain and now rain and too cool. I guess I am never satisfied.

Someone told me the other day at Plains at the peanut festival how the farmers were going to make a lot on cotton because the price was over a dollar. I reminded them most farmers had already booked most of what they would produce and for the guy who booked too much he would have to buy it at that price to cover his needs and would lose money.

It takes a very dedicated and special person to farm with the risk it entails.

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Rooster said...

We harvested a 135 acre, irragated field in Coffee County that averaged 4612 lbs per acre. It woulf have been real nice to have a 5 as the ffirdt number on that contract. Oh well, the dry land cotton will level out thte good peanut crop!!