Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Refreshing Event

In a spur of the moment situation yesterday, I spoke to the local Organization of Professional Women at their monthly meeting.

The scheduled speaker had become ill and they called to see if I could fill in. I was glad to because we have a great story to tell.

I addressed the Salmonella issue and then shifted gear to the great benefits of eating peanuts and peanut butter. It is great for individuals who have adult onset diabetes because it stabilizes blood sugar. Women of childbearing age benefit because it is a good dietary source of Folic Acid which helps prevent neural tube birth defects. Peanuts are full of heart healthy, mono-unsaturated fats. They are high in protein...a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a glass of milk is a nutritionally perfect meal.

I also pointed out that two new studies on allergy found that feeding minute and increasing doses of peanut flour to allergic individuals helps reduce the severity of the allergy. Also, that new studies show that delaying exposure of children to peanuts increases the incidence of peanut allergy.

We sure have a lot of good news to tell.

I about pulled my hair out in the past three months and it is refreshing to be back touting the things that make what our farmers grow a miracle food.

That said, work we funded through Dr. Mark Manary, at Washington University in St. Louis has the potential to take starving children and restore them to over 90% of their normal body mass. Plumpy nut is made from peanut butter and milk proteins and some other lesser but important ingredients. It is a miracle food for starving children.

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