Thursday, May 3, 2012

Everybody Talks About the Weather

We can talk about the weather but it is what it is. Experts had said a three in a row LaNina was not heard of but it sure is hot and dry right now. Soil moisture is down to 7% and that is not going to be solved by occasional showers. We need a major rain event.

We had peanuts planted in March and irrigated peanuts going in now and if the dry weather persists we may have peanuts planted as late as mid-June so it could be a long drawn out harvest.

I am pretty sure nobody knows what to do at this point as far as marketing so we seem to be in a hold tight mood. Chances are pretty good it will either be better or worse than we think right now which proves what Frank McGill told me when I first came to the Peanut Commission, "only a fool would predict a peanut crop before the Fourth of July."

On another note seed testing on peanuts was far higher than years past which tells me there is a search for something of adequate quality to put in the seed market. Some folks have mis-read this as an indicator of excess acres but I would lay odds everything tested will not end up in seed.

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