Friday, January 16, 2009

Georgia Peanut Farm Show

Yesterday was the 33rd annual Georgia Peanut Farm Show. The crowd was good and exhibitors filled the arena at the Civic Center in Albany. There is a lot of question this year as to what to do on the farm. Last year's crop was amazingly good and so we have too many peanuts. Contracts are almost unheard of and a good contract does not exist.

We seem to be up to our neck in peanut butter so please please, give your local food bank a case of peanut butter.

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Michael said...

My wife & I were travelling through Georgia on the way back from a video shoot in Orlando Tuesday and wanted to see a peanut farm tour. We did not see anywhere that could give us any information on peanut farming and found it scarce on the internet. I can't remember ever seeing a documentary on peanut farming and only remember hearing about Jimmy Carter farms because he was president of the United States. I am in the business of creating informational & marketing videos for the internet and DVDs. I feel there is a need for a great peanut farm tour video to be placed on You-Tube and linked to a website such as yours to spread the word about peanut farming. I would love to produce this video and learn all about penut farming myself in the process. Please let me know if you think you could use this type of promotional video?

Thanks, Mike