Friday, March 27, 2009

Leadership Class

We had another class for our young leaders this week. It is hard to believe we are in to the sixth class. We had them in to Cordele and did team building, how to conduct a meeting, a who's who in the industry, and more. We also toured a shelling plant and Tara foods which is owned by Kroger and makes peanut butter. They do a really good job with peanut butter and make a good product. That is refreshing after the problems we had recently with PCA.

Part of the team building was a snag golf tournament. We had everyone pair up and then divided them in to two teams. It was buddy against buddy. It mixes folks and gets them to associate with others. Snag golf is not real golf. You have clubs with short shafts and big heads and hit a ball like a tennis ball to a target made of something kin to Velcro. The losers had to cook supper which was another team building exercise.

We have growers from Georgia, Texas, Alabama, Florida, and Mississippi in this class. It is sponsored by Syngenta and the American Peanut Shellers Association. This class we also included two sheller employees who have been a nice addition to help expand our the leaders vision.

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