Saturday, June 20, 2009

Crop Condition

I am amazed at how much land is not yet planted, especially behind wheat. Also, I have seen a lot of drowned out areas where they have just replanted. I wonder did they change what they planted the second time. And if you have cotton you about have to replant with cotton to recoup the tech fees so that is a bit more clear.

All I can say is we need a miracle this year if we ever had one.

I have always heard, be careful what you ask for because you might get it. Maybe the miracle is in the works to fix the ills of a glutted market. You only have to have half as many at $700 to make the same you made with twice as much and $355. Unless the crop starts to look amazingly better I would not contract my production this year.

There is some anticipation that we may forfeit 200,000 tons of '08 crop to the government. If they would send it to the food banks or oil mill that would be the best thing that could happen because it would add some serious market dynamics to our situation.

I hope we all enjoy a roller coaster ride because we have one this year.

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