Friday, June 12, 2009

Screen on the Green

We did our first of two Screen on the Green promotions last night in Atlanta. Peachtree TV puts up a big screen at Centennial Park and shows classic movies. Last night's movie was "Field of Dreams." It is a really great family movie and we made sure everyone who wanted them had peanuts for the movie. I was a bit surprised at the folks who also took recipe cards but they are easy to tuck away and go better than brochures.

I was a bit concerned when I pulled up to the park to unload the peanut plants and I was in the midst of a severe thunderstorm which included some small hail. It passed and they went on with the event. I was worried if it would impact the crowd but don't really think it did. There had to be close to 8000 people there.

The commercial they played at the beginning of the movie was the spot we have with farmer, Gene Roney in it. I really like that spot and it was well timed on the heels of the first quarter of this year. I had several questions about how we had been impacted but no one who seemed concerned and not a soul asked me if the peanuts I was handing out were safe to eat.

This is a promotion we do with Alabama, Florida, and the National Peanut Board and it really works well because it is all farmer and staff manning the exhibit and going through the crowd passing out peanuts.

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