Monday, August 3, 2009

Crop Conditions

Seems that the further south and west I go the better the crop conditions look. Baldwin County Alabama looks about like the Garden of Eden. The panhandle of Florida looks pretty fair though it is late like everywhere else. Southwest Georgia is doing a lot of catching up with recent rains and I actually saw water standing in the fields in some spots yesterday. The crop is late everywhere and there are still some weedy fields and some fields with really skippy stands. You can also find fields almost anywhere in Georgia where the middles are yet to lap. We are a long way away from being done with this crop and I am still very worried about our ability to trick Mother Nature and make October wet in the first two weeks and warm for the next two.

The weather forecast is also calling for a heatwave for the coming weekend. We need mid 90's and not high 90's. Also, a ridge of high pressure seems to be poising itself to locate over us so the rain will go away in a hurry if that situation is prolonged.

I am pretty well convinced that Mother Nature is doing her part to eliminate any surplus of peanuts we may have at this point.

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