Sunday, August 9, 2009

Texas Institute of the Peanut Leadership Class

We are in Lubbock, TX tonight for the Texas Institute of the current Syngenta Crop Protection / American Peanut Shellers Association Peanut Leadership Class. This institute is always a great learning experience for the guys from the Southeast and is a true lesson in Southern Hospitality at its best. Nobody goes away hungry either.

Tonight was a fun night with more get acquainted time and a little bit of work. Tomorrow morning we go to the classroom and then on tours of local agriculture.

The crowd took over Abuelo's patio for a while and had a nice time getting reacquainted. I just hope by the time we get through a couple more of these I know the guys by name.

Tomorrow we will be doing some media training and sure could have used it tonight as a guy who claimed to be with the CBS affiliate showed up to do interviews. I sure hope our guys did OK with no media training. I guess we will know in the morning.

Here are some pictures of tonight's events.

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