Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Heat and Drought Continue

This is sort of a good news bad news story.

I was speaking to a farmer who had dusted in some cotton and got about two tenths of rain. That was enough to sprout it but not to get it all up to a stand. So, he had to re-plant. Now the weather forecast is for rain but only a tenth of an inch. If that happens he may be in the same situation.

I was in a prayer breakfast this morning at the local Farm Service Center in Tift County. Farmers are upbeat in public as they usually are. Still there was a lot of discussion of being testy and hard to get along with. There was discussion of wells running dry.

Another farmer from about 90 miles as the crow flies from Tifton told me he has a pond he is pumping water in to and out of to irrigate and he can't keep up. He is about 6 inches from the pond being too low to pump from.

Still, I have faith the Lord will send us what we need. In 2007 it happened on June 2nd.

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