Monday, May 23, 2011

A Record Which Can't Be Broken

I was listening to the weatherman on WALB in Albany this morning and he says the rainfall in the gauge in Albany is currently at zero for May and with no rainfall expected the balance of the month we could set a new record for the driest May on record.

There is only one good thing I can see out of this situation and that is the record can never be broken, only tied.

We are in a serious rainfall deficit and the economic ramifications are going to be serious if something does not change.

In Sunday School yesterday we discussed the difference in the flooding in Louisiana and the drought here. The flooding is swift and very obvious. A prolonged drought is different. It happens a little bit at a time and never seems to get much media.

We decided we needed to name this so we are calling it the "frog in the kettle" disaster. You see if you put a frog in cold water in a pot and then gradually heat the pot up you can cook the frog without him ever jumping out of the pot. It happens a little at a time.

Nothing else seems to be working so we had better pray for rain.

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