Friday, August 24, 2012

Hurricane, What will it do?

We are faced with the prospect of a hurricane right here as harvest begins. What would be the impact?

Probably if it came, rained a bit and went the impact may be slightly positive because it would saturate the ground and the crop could sort of coast to completion in most cases.

That is if it gets out of here and we have a perfect harvest.

My greatest fear is a wet harvest. In some cases vine conditions are deteriorating, especially in some of the March planted peanuts.

If we get rain and not more than a couple inches the effect will largely be positive.if it goes away and fairs up until after harvest. Daily rains like some areas have had will do more harm than good after next week.

I think it is fortunate we have had a bit cooler temps because the harvest will not be as pressed to the front as in the past couple years. Also, we have had less photosynthesis the past few weeks with it being more overcast and that may have some impact on maturity.

All said the hurricane does not bother me but what comes after may be a different issue if it is not good weather.

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