Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Committee Meetings and the Budget

We had a full day of budget discussions at the Commission today.
Having had essentially the same revenue since the early 80's budgets can be challenging, but not for farmers who spend a great deal of time discussing ways to continue programs more efficiently.
The Commission Board works well together and I am equally blessed with a great staff. I always find myself surrounded by amazing people who have a big heart for the farmer at the Peanut Commission.
This year's budget, though tight, has some new and interesting things in it. We have a lot going on and I am really excited about some of the new activities we have planned. You all know I am an Auburn Tiger but this year I will hunker down with Uga VI to hear the Georgia Peanuts Message on the Georgia Bulldogs Tailgate Show. If the Dawgs will eat peanut butter they might have a chance against those Auburn Tigers.

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