Saturday, June 7, 2008

More on GAB

The awards program ran pretty long but I have to admit this is one of the few banquets I have been to that I didn't either fall asleep or want to get up and leave. They had two ladies presenting the winners. One was a daytime radio personality from WSB-FM and the other was the Channel 5 - WAGA weather lady who also has a history doing some ag reporting and is a former Miss Georgia. Her daughter loves peanuts by the way. Broadcast personalities are in the business of keeping people awake and entertained.

The lady sitting next to me was with her husband who was with WAGA. They both used to work at WXIA which is Atlanta's NBC affiliate. AGA is Fox. She is now in Real Estate and a mom that loves peanuts and peanut butter. She told me she had seen our commercials running on Peachtree TV. She said that she had been in promotion at WXIA and that our TV spot was one of the best she had ever seen. It was warm and she said that Rosemary made her feel like they were old friends. If you haven't seen the commercial scroll down a bit further in this blog and there is a little TV where you can click on the arrow and see it. She and her husband couldn't believe that we produced the spot ourselves and were surprised that Rosemary wasn't an actress and that she really did spread the peanut butter herself and it wasn't a hand model. They also asked if the Corte family really farmed?

Lanny Finch who is the President Emeritus of the GAB told me how much they appreciated our support and the peanuts. A message that was repeated to me numerous times. His son Lan who was doing the technical stuff running the PowerPoint and video and audio clips told me that he couldn't live without my farmers. Lannie told me that we would go out of business without him eating as many as he does.

I had a lot of questions about drought, about the crop condition, even about the farm bill. I reminded a lot of people that with it taking about 30 gallons of diesel on average to produce a peanut crop acre and everything else increasing because of energy costs that things are really tight on the farm right now. This message was not lost on a day that the price of crude exceeded $130 a barrel and the Dow fell 400 points.

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