Saturday, June 7, 2008

Georgia Association of Broadcasters

It was a nice evening and I visited with a lot of folks and peanuts were a hit. The Chef did a peanut pie that was similar to a pecan pie but the peanuts were crunchy and it was delicious.

Channel 10 in Albany carried home a lot of awards for Television and a Station out of Augusta received many GABBY's for radio. It was a crowd of about 150 or more, they had to set another table. That is a lot of people in a small business as Broadcasting is. It just covers all of our lives.

I saw Robert Hydrick who won a GABBY award for best Sportscast. We reminisced about the old days when he covered the Peanut Commission. He started with channel 10 right before I started with the Commission.

We also had peanuts for everyone and lapel pins for them to wear. It was a hit. But the most appreciated thing is our peanut gift basket which is their big door prize. They love it.

The winner was Charis Williams of Cartersville. She was there with her friend Kevin Karel from WBHF-AM. Here I am presenting her the basket loaded with everything from breakfast bars to candy to peanuts to novelties promoting peanuts.

Look for this picture again in the Southeastern Peanut Farmer Magazine.

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