Tuesday, June 3, 2008

First Day

This is the first day this blog has been online.

I want to use it to pass on critical and interesting information to growers and others of interest.

A bit issue has come up as of late last Friday, the USDA has decided they don't like the peanut program that Congress passed in the 2007 farm bill which just passed last week and so they are trying to cut the loan rate on runner peanuts by $7. I cannot understand how they came up with supporting 81% of the US crop below the loan rate. We are in a kill mode right now to stop this foolish proposal. Because contracts are tied to loan rates this could cost our farmers nearly ten dollars a ton. That not only hurts farmers but also the economy of rural south Georgia. It is tens of millions of dollars lost for us. Farmers need to contact their Senators and Congressmen and tell them not to let USDA run wild.

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