Tuesday, June 10, 2008

More Weather

Last night Albany and some areas of the southwest corner of the state got some rain. They also got some serious hail and lightning and wind gusts up to 72 miles per hour. As you would anticipate with that report those areas were not large because the storms were so intense.

The good news is that the current weather pattern has broken up the near to excess 100 degree days and at least the forecast for today is for a high of 94. This may be good news and bad news. 94 is still hot but is it hot enough to set off the lift to get more thunderstorms? It seems like that is the only way we will get rain right now.

We could sure use a general soaking rain.

A side note:

I asked the former Miss Georgia and current meteorologist for Channel 5 in Atlanta at the GAB meeting Friday night if she was a high or low pressure meteorologist. She looked a bit puzzled so I explained my comment. In the midst of a drought a high pressure meteorologist will say, "it's a beautiful day with only a 30% chance of rain." A low pressure meteorologist will say,"we have a 30% chance of rain and we sure need it."

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